My Little Tristan

Tristan’s 1st detailed scan at 21weeks

Posted on: April 4, 2008

Today has been a long wait to see tristan again in action.
As usual, he is his active self, covering his face, rubbing eyes, kicking feet.
And can see he resting in a shiok position, with one hand behind his head, and
one leg raised straightened resting on the womb.

His head, is considered big, in the 95-100 percentile. But doctor say he is still in normal range as limbs are long as well. Adominal also bigger, so big sized as like dad..hahaha.
I was concerned about the bigger head. He jokingly, said maybe he is a smart baby. His only concern is during delivery i guess if the head is big. But he say not to worry and monitor the growth in the coming months.

We also got a 3D scan at the end, for the 1st time we see our baby in 3D, it seems the baby might inherit my wife’s nose instead of mine, hahaha. But he seems to be tall and bigger sized :), with long legs. Hopefully can play soccer with me then.

He is a BOY!
Its a boy 🙂

Tristan hands

tristan’s feets
Tristan’s feets

tristan’s head circumference
Tristan’s head circumference

resting position
Tristan’s comfy position with hand behind head, and leg raised

3D scan
Tristan’s 3D version of his comfy position with legs raised…


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